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Senin, 13 Desember 2010

Make Life Better

God has given day, time, hours and seconds are equal to every human being. Starting from a baby to grandparents - grandma. God also gave equal opportunities to all people. 
But in fact every human being has a different life, being poor and being rich, being healthy and become ill, become successful and become a failure, be strong and be weak. 
From the start the morning there are people who still fast asleep, there are people who are already struggling with the chill of the morning to go to sell, there are people who sit back while smoking, there are people who are preparing themselves to go to school, and so forth.
 The opportunity comes only once at the time there is a chance that, when the opportunity is lost then we can not repeat again on that occasion, the opportunity will come off when we let it just disappeared. 
Opportunities that once were dependent we want to use it or we let it slip by.Chance that we will use the sweet fruit for us. But let the lost opportunity that we will become mere memories. 
Banyakanya opportunity that we use will make us more intelligent and more mature. The number is also a chance that we ignore will make us more stupid and difficult when we deal with it. 
Therefore use the opportunity that comes to us with the best. Do not let that opportunity go away and disappeared into the future.

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