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Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

How do I increase the page rank of our website

increase pagerank is a must if we want our website known around the world.
therefore we need to add our site in directories,
Directory is a special website to collect link2 to facilitate visitors seeking information.
Add our site to directories is conducted by 1 x only, the following directories that we usually use.
below is the address directory address that you can try:

in addition to the list to the directory, you can also submit url add us on search engines other than google, yahoo and bing there are many search engines are scattered throughout the world.
Here it lists:

Australian Search Engine (SE)
Austrian SE
Belgian SE
Canadian SE
Dutch SE
French SE
Misc. SE (paid $3) (PAID)

please submit your site url manually search on sites above but you can do it automatically with software submit equalizer,Click Here to get it

Another way is to add any of our posts to social bookmarking, these sites usually have a high pagerank, add each of our posts on the social bookmarking is the easiest way to make search engines can quickly find the articles we write, the following list of social bookmarks we usually use :

 Yahoo! My Web
submit to:{url}&t={title}
alexa traffic rank: 1
 Google Bookmarks
submit to:{url}&title={title}
alexa traffic rank: 3
 Windows Live
submit to:{url}&title={title}
alexa traffic rank: 5
submit to:{url}&t={title}
alexa traffic rank: 12
submit to:{url}&title={title}
alexa traffic rank: 97
submit to:{url}&title={title}
alexa traffic rank: 172
submit to:{url}
alexa traffic rank: 211
submit to:{url}&title={title}
alexa traffic rank: 249
submit to:{url}&title={title}
alexa traffic rank: 299
submit to:{url}
alexa traffic rank: 474
submit to:{url}&T={title}
alexa traffic rank: 566
submit to:{url}&title={title}
alexa traffic rank: 573
submit to:{url}&title={title}
alexa traffic rank: 851
submit to:{url}&new_comment={title}&linktype=
alexa traffic rank: 1,925
submit to:{url}&h={title}
alexa traffic rank: 3,932
submit to:{url}&t={title}
alexa traffic rank: 4,104
submit to:{url}&Title={title}
alexa traffic rank: 4,647

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